Customer Retention with Text Messaging. Adaptive CRM is Australia's Better CRM Alternative.

Customer Retention with Text Messaging using Adaptive CRM

An SMS (Text Message) is often used for coupon, discount, or promotion messages not just in Australia but offshore. However, as people tend to use phones daily, the importance of this platform in customer retention grows. In fact, SMS reaches more customers compared to email by four times. But how can we leverage this platform?

  1. Quicker Customer Update. Compared with email, a text message is usually opened in 3 minutes which would mean that information can be received by your customers faster. Customer frustration would sometimes come from delayed communication. Utilize text messaging than email for the information you need to share faster. Adaptive CRM allows you to send both text message and email to your customers.
  1. Promotions and Discounts. More businesses are marketing their products and services through text messages. It is primarily because customers are more attentive to their phone ringing than their inboxes. However, do not send too long text messages. We recommend not to exceed 160 characters or 1 text message. If you need more information to tell, then post a URL on the message. Nowadays, mobile phones can translate a URL on a message to a clickable link which will open a browser.
  1. Follow Up. Doing a customer follow-up keeps the business rolling. An automated SMS to remind customers of their succeeding appointments increases the chance of repeat business.

There are more ways to use SMS to improve customer retention. However, sending a text message manually would take forever to complete. There are different platforms available to send SMS by bulk, but they are costly, and you would have to retain another platform to manage your customer profiles.

Try Adaptive CRM! It is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that allows you to send bulk text and email messages on a schedule or right-now to a specific customer segment. It also comes with a customer management module to organize your customer records and improve your marketing and re-marketing strategies. Different companies in Australia have shifted to Adaptive CRM to save on the cost of managing multiple platforms. Other features of Adaptive CRM are:

  1. Segmentation – You can organize employees, customers, and jobs by category, and define who can see the records. This allows you to use one platform and create sub-agencies.
  1. Workflow Automation – You can define who will get notified when a job or customer was added or who will be notified when a job is completed.
  2. Performance Dashboard – You can see key metrics important for your business and define the business indicators to show.

Adaptive CRM is Australia’s better CRM alternative. It offers more flexibility at a competitive price. For more details about Adaptive CRM send as email at [email protected] or create your FREE trial account now!