Capture Leads with Adaptive CRM. Adaptive CRM is Australia's Better CRM Alternative.

Capture Leads Better with Adaptive CRM!

Getting a lead is harder than retaining a customer. The sources for valuable leads have increased tremendously over the years. However, organizing those leads and cutting down on administrative tasks remain daunting tasks. Most of us would have used at least two software to organize our leads. One of which is to capture them, maybe from LinkedIn or Facebook. Then, feeding the leads in other software for marketing. It is a waste of time and money. Adaptive CRM allows you to solve these problems by:

  1. Embeddable Forms. Adaptive CRM allows you to embed service requisition form just about anywhere. A person can fill up this form and the submission goes directly to your dashboard. You do not need to manually re-enter a lead easing you out of the duplicate work.
  1. Lead Management. Adaptive CRM enables you to organize your lead into segments and assign people to look after them. You can set up Adaptive to notify people when a lead is promoted from a “New Lead” to a “Hot Lead”. Adaptive also allows you to generate a report of leads in a segment or with similar characteristics.
  1. Lead Nurturing. Adaptiv CRMe allows you to send bulk promotions by the lead segment. You can send both SMS and email notification. 

Adaptive CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software it comes with marketing, employee management, and job management modules to organize your records and improve your operations, marketing, and sales strategies. Different companies in Australia have shifted to Adaptive CRM to save on the cost of managing multiple platforms. Other features of Adaptive are:

  1. Segmentation – You can organize employees, customers, and jobs by category, and define who can see the records. This allows you to use one platform and create sub-agencies.
  1. Workflow Automation – You can define who will get notified when a job or customer was added or who will be notified when a job is completed.
  1. Performance Dashboard – You can see key metrics important for your business and define the business indicators to show.

Adaptive CRM is Australia’s better CRM alternative. It offers more flexibility at a competitive price. For more details about Adaptive CRM send as email at [email protected] or create your FREE trial account now!