Adaptive CRM is Australia's Better CRM Alternative.

Adaptive CRM

Adaptive CRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that provides customer segmentation, service management, SMS or Email marketing, inventory, and more. It is now used as a better CRM alternative in Australia because of its simplicity and better pricing.

What are the key features of Adaptive?

Below are key features of Adaptive as a CRM. For a complete feature list, visit Adaptive CRM.

  • Customer Data Management. You can neatly manage customer information and service request records to your preferred category or group. Adaptive CRM has default record fields like address and name, however, you can add your fields like vehicle name. Also, you can save a search filter to a reusable view to save time which makes repetitive sorting way faster. And, migrating your existing records is easy to do with our import tool.
  • Workflow Automation. Control who gets notified and assigned to events in your process like assigning a new repair job to the dispatch team.
  • Text and Email Marketing. Adaptive CRM allows you to send a text message and email to your customers. You can either send it right now or on schedule which makes it good for marketing promotion. And the best part, you get charged on a per-usage basis.

Are there other features to expect?

Of course! Adaptive CRM is continuously evolving as we partner with industry experts in Australia and worldwide. Some of the new features to come to include accounting, marketing, and inventory management.

Do you want to try Adaptive?

Adaptive CRM is Australia’s better CRM alternative. It offers more flexibility at a competitive price. For more details about Adaptive CRM send as email at [email protected] or create your FREE trial account now!